What Are The Benefits Of Using FRP Pipes?

Jul. 20, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Using FRP Pipes?

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes are used in various industrial product applications, including the handling of materials in corrosive environments and also the transfer of corrosive products and materials. However, the fastest growing application of FRP systems is for industrial equipment. The applications of FRP pipes range from handling flammable liquids in retail facilities to water and sewage pipes in industrial and municipal markets.


Advantages of FRP pipes


1. Corrosion resistance

FRP pipe has corrosion resistance. In most cases, Fiberglass reinforced plastics are the only material that can handle some service environments. In addition, their corrosion resistance is often combined with their cost advantage, making it the most acceptable solution. The corrosion resistance of the Fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe is a function of the total resin content and the resin used in the laminated pipe. Therefore, the higher the resin content, the stronger the corrosion resistance.


2. Weight advantage

FRP pipe has a lower weight-to-strength ratio, which is another significant advantage of FRP pipe. In the case of the same strength, the weight of Fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe is about half that of aluminum and one-seventh of stainless steel.

When considering the convenience and cost of piping system installation, lightweight performance is particularly important. When equipment is installed on existing structures such as roofs or mezzanine, the inherent lightness of FRP pipes is a major advantage.

The high strength of FRP pipe plays an important role in the design of various FRP equipment and applications such as pultruded profiles. In addition, the high strength and light weight of FRP pipe make it suitable for filament wound pipes and pipes. Contact us about our products.


3. Economy

Low cost is a major advantage of using FRP pipes because they provide an effective corrosion solution at the lowest cost when compared to materials such as titanium, rubber lining and stainless steel. However, the cost advantage of this material mainly depends on design considerations, applications, pressures involved, availability, raw material costs, and product configuration.


FRP pipe

FRP pipe


4. Flexibility

FRP pipes have a wide range of uses and are often overlooked in their applications. However, it is important to note that the things you can do with Fiberglass reinforced plastic pipes cannot be done efficiently and economically with other ready available materials. FRP pipes can be used to shape any piece of equipment or configuration for which permanent or temporary molds can be constructed. For example, the work of FRP pipes is very easy, because you can manufacture all types of T-shaped inlets, rectangular transitions, round transitions, elbows and flanges with minimal cost. Fiberglass reinforced plastic pipes can also be used in new and existing structures.

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